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Broken Brix Pickin Berries Wildberry Melomel

Broken Brix Rose Cider


What's on Tap

Tap Room Open – Limited Seating


  • Broken Brix  – Rose Cider 12oz $7.00
  • Broken Brix – Wild Scrumpy Cider 12oz $8.00
  • Broken Brix  – Strawberry Lemon Mead 9oz $10.00
  • Broken Brix Cider Tasting (3) $9.00


  • Art History – Marzen 16oz $6.00
  • Alaskan Brewing – Smoked Porter 16oz $6.50
  • Dovetail – Lager 16oz $6.50
  • Duchess De Bourgogne – Chocolate Cherry 9oz $10.00
  • Revolution – BOSS Jacket 90z $12.00
  •  Revolution – V.S.O.D Imperial Stout 9oz $12.00


  • Broken Brix Cherry Wine $7.00
  • Broken Brix Illinois White $7.00
  • Broken Brix Green Apple Daze $6.00
  • Broken Brix Peach Apricot Chardonnay $6.00
  • Broken Brix Pickin Berries Wildberry Mead $10.00

All tap beer and cider available in 16oz growlers to go.


Broken Brix Wine and Ciders

Broken Brix Cider and Wine To Go

  • Broken Brix Society Cider 22oz Bottle $8.99
  • Broken Brix Rose Cider 22oz Bottle $10.99
  • Broken Brix Wild Scrumpy 22oz Bottle $11.99
  • Broken Brix Cherry Wine 750ml Bottle $13.51
  • Broken Brix Chocolate Raspberry Desert Wine 370ml Bottle $10.99
  • Broken Brix Green Apple Daze 750ml Bottle $9.99
  • Broken Brix Peach Apricot Social Wine 750ml $9.99 SOLD OUT
  • Broken Brix Late Harvest Riesling Desert Wine 375ml $24.99
  • Broken Brix Illinois White Reserve 750 Bottle $15.99
  • Broken Brix Illinois White 750 Bottle $13.51
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